Tuesday, 4 December 2018

Hail And Rain!

Shaking! All I felt was shaking, the ground rumbling and vibrating then I looked out the window there was
hail and extreme big splashes of rain except it wasn't going away it was flooding. The silver strong metal
streetlight that I thought was invincible was being thrown around like a toy and then I heard a baby crying
people yelling and I did not know what to do I woke my mum up then grabbed my mattress and jumped
out the front door.

It was freezing and the hard icy hail whacking my back didn’t help. I used my arms to paddle and
went to the elderlies, house I got them and their little dog out of there. Our house was the tallest
nearby by so I took them up there. I went to the baby who was crying and got him and the family out
on their own mattress. I got my mum out of the house. while everyone waited up there she got them
blankets pillows and food they were all thankful I got everyone else in the houses nearby and when the
storm finished I helped them fix their houses up.

Around 2 hours after the storm the news reporters came and they asked me questions and I just said
that I am happy that I could help.

Tuesday, 27 November 2018

How can it help?

How can Advent help us to open ourselves
to let Jesus become part of our lives.
We could change how we do things
we could be kinder and more respectful to people.
We could visit the church and help out
such as serving and helping to clean up.
We could pray and help people outside
of church by inviting a poor
person to your house ( with permission from your parents)
for a Christmas or helping
them to be able to enjoy their
Christmas or other celebration.
Help your parents around the house or help
some old people or people who are young and just
had a baby by simply asking if you could mow their lawns,
babysit or clean their car/bike or house.

These are all simple things you can do to be kind and
show that Jesus is inside you and guiding you
down the right path.

Wednesday, 21 November 2018

I partly disagree!

A student in another school has recently blogged that:
“Students don’t learn much playing this game called Astria –
Countdown to Impact: Their time could be better spent doing other things”.

Do you agree, disagree or partly agree/disagree?
I partly disagree their time definitely could of have been spent doing other things
but this is a learning tool as well, and you might not realize that because it looks
like a game but its actually just an enjoyable learning activity. I feel as if the child
from the different school thinks just cause it looks like a game
that it can't be a good learning activity.