Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Thank You Holy Spirit

Thank you Holy Spirit

Holy Spirit, thank you for my family.  This weekend I spent time with my family.  We went to my cousin’s birthday.  Her name is Rose and she turned one year old. 

We went to a pub to celebrate Rose’s birthday.  The pub is called the ‘Zoo Keeper’s Son’.  The pub had statues of animals and animal heads are hung on the walls.  There was a Zebra head and a monkey statue. 

My cousin Richard and I hid behind the couch but my mum found us.  Richard is older than me.  He is seven years old.  His birthday is on June 29th, so he will be eight years old soon. 

For lunch we sat at a long rectangle table.  Richard and I had hotdogs.  We had two hotdogs each.  They were not the normal hotdogs.  They were the special hotdogs that are covered in batter.  The batter was crunchy and the hotdogs were hot.  They tasted delicious.  Richard had to order two more hotdogs because when he wasn’t looking his two sisters, Hattie and Charlotte, stole them.  I told Richard, but his sisters had already taken a bite out of both of his hotdogs.  Nobody saw them do it.  They were quick!

We all sang Happy Birthday to Rose and we had a vanilla birthday cake.  The icing was white and the whole cake was vanilla white.  There were silver coloured balls on the cake.  They tasted delicious when I sucked them and even more delicious when I bit into them.  We all had a great time at Rose’s birthday celebration.

By Oliver