Wednesday, 10 May 2017

My cousin caught a shark!

On Monday the sixteenth of April. I was in Raglan. I had gone to Raglan for Easter with my aunty, uncle, cousins, nana and grandad.

I went fishing with my uncle and cousins. my uncle is called Tom and my cousins are Hattie and Richard. First we put on our life jackets and then I swam out to the boat as there was a short distance between the steps and where the boat is. At first, the boat wouldn't start so Tom gave it a kick and then it started immediately

We went to their sacred place and started fishing. I hadn’t been fishing in years. Soon Richard felt something tugging on his line so he pulled up his rod as hard as he could so his hook would get the fish. Then he started winding it up and I was astounded by what he caught it was a shark it was too small though when Tom was getting it off the line, it was flopping its body around the place like crazy and it even tried to nip Tom. Meanwhile Harriet was lying there feeling bored complaining. Then I felt something on my fishing line and it turned out to be a snapper but it was also too small so we tossed it back in.

Then Hattie started complaining about being bored so we had to leave. While Tom was pulling up the anchor, we had one more go. Richard got something but by the time he pulled his rod up, it had eaten his bait. After Richard had one more go he had to put his fishing rod away. Before I knew it, I caught something colossal and Richard had to help me to holding the rod. Then Tom said, “Stop pulling!” so we stopped and it turned out that I had caught the anchor.

We went back and my other relatives were sitting in seats talking to each other, I hopped out of the boat and saw the fish that Richard had caught earlier and it was a gernard. Granddad Tom skinned and took all the meat off the fish. Meanwhile we went inside to get changed be cause we were wet. After that we all watched television for a while then we watched gamers guide to basically everything. After a few hours, we had dinner then we had to change into our pyjamas because it was late.
My favourite part of the day was when I caught the anchor because it was hilarious and Tom could not get the hook off.

Learning Intention: I am learning to understand and use the language features of a recount.
Image result for people catching sharksSuccess Criteria: I know I can do this when I use sequencing words to order my ideas about my fishing trip with my cousin.


  1. Great story telling Oliver. Good to see that you had a great time. Mum