Tuesday, 4 December 2018

Hail And Rain!

Shaking! All I felt was shaking, the ground rumbling and vibrating then I looked out the window there was
hail and extreme big splashes of rain except it wasn't going away it was flooding. The silver strong metal
streetlight that I thought was invincible was being thrown around like a toy and then I heard a baby crying
people yelling and I did not know what to do I woke my mum up then grabbed my mattress and jumped
out the front door.

It was freezing and the hard icy hail whacking my back didn’t help. I used my arms to paddle and
went to the elderlies, house I got them and their little dog out of there. Our house was the tallest
nearby by so I took them up there. I went to the baby who was crying and got him and the family out
on their own mattress. I got my mum out of the house. while everyone waited up there she got them
blankets pillows and food they were all thankful I got everyone else in the houses nearby and when the
storm finished I helped them fix their houses up.

Around 2 hours after the storm the news reporters came and they asked me questions and I just said
that I am happy that I could help.