Wednesday, 19 August 2015

My Sleepover

My Sleepover

On the weekend I went to Mrs Dance’s house to have a sleep over with Daniel and Emma.  Daniel is Mrs Dance’s grandson and Emma is Mrs Dance’s granddaughter.  Daniel is the same age as me.  We are seven years old. 

First we did some science. We did some experiments with pieces of lollipops.  We banged the lollies with a hammer three times to find out how much sugar they had in them.  We didn’t have any measuring things so we couldn’t draw a conclusion as to how much sugar there was in each lolly, but there seemed to be a lot.

After that we went to the dairy with Daniel’s mum.  At the dairy I bought a packet of fruit bursts and an ice block.  The ice block had four flavours in it.  There was mango, chocolate, apple and strawberry.  It tasted delicious!

Then we went back to Mrs Dance’s house.  On the way back we saw a man in our school.  He was standing near the hedge by the school front gate.  He gave me a fright because I didn’t expect to see him there.  We also saw my dad on the other side of the road.  We waved to each other.

When we got back to Mrs Dance’s house we had dinner with Mrs Dance.  Mrs Dance had been away, but she came back for dinner.  We had the same thing for dinner as we had at our house on Friday.  We had nachos and chilli con canea.  I love chilli con canea and it tasted great.
After dinner we went back to Daniel’s room and we did some more science experiments.  Then we had dessert.  First we went down to the fridge in the basement to get the ice cream and then we took it up to the dinning room.  It was passion fruit ice cream and I stirred it up to make cream.  When it’s creamy it is easier and nicer to eat.  Next we went to bed and we got twelve bed toys each to sleep with.

When we got up the next morning we did some more experiments with the lollies.  We heated them until they melted, but then we couldn’t find them, so we concluded that the experiment failed.  Then we watched the cartoon network. 

After that Daniel and I went over to my place and we ate toasted sandwiches together.  Later we made a hut in my room.  My mum helped.  We played some more and then Daniel went home with his mum.  We had lots of fun playing at each other’s houses.  I would like to do it all over again.