Tuesday, 4 December 2018

Hail And Rain!

Shaking! All I felt was shaking, the ground rumbling and vibrating then I looked out the window there was
hail and extreme big splashes of rain except it wasn't going away it was flooding. The silver strong metal
streetlight that I thought was invincible was being thrown around like a toy and then I heard a baby crying
people yelling and I did not know what to do I woke my mum up then grabbed my mattress and jumped
out the front door.

It was freezing and the hard icy hail whacking my back didn’t help. I used my arms to paddle and
went to the elderlies, house I got them and their little dog out of there. Our house was the tallest
nearby by so I took them up there. I went to the baby who was crying and got him and the family out
on their own mattress. I got my mum out of the house. while everyone waited up there she got them
blankets pillows and food they were all thankful I got everyone else in the houses nearby and when the
storm finished I helped them fix their houses up.

Around 2 hours after the storm the news reporters came and they asked me questions and I just said
that I am happy that I could help.

Tuesday, 27 November 2018

How can it help?

How can Advent help us to open ourselves
to let Jesus become part of our lives.
We could change how we do things
we could be kinder and more respectful to people.
We could visit the church and help out
such as serving and helping to clean up.
We could pray and help people outside
of church by inviting a poor
person to your house ( with permission from your parents)
for a Christmas or helping
them to be able to enjoy their
Christmas or other celebration.
Help your parents around the house or help
some old people or people who are young and just
had a baby by simply asking if you could mow their lawns,
babysit or clean their car/bike or house.

These are all simple things you can do to be kind and
show that Jesus is inside you and guiding you
down the right path.

Wednesday, 21 November 2018

I partly disagree!

A student in another school has recently blogged that:
“Students don’t learn much playing this game called Astria –
Countdown to Impact: Their time could be better spent doing other things”.

Do you agree, disagree or partly agree/disagree?
I partly disagree their time definitely could of have been spent doing other things
but this is a learning tool as well, and you might not realize that because it looks
like a game but its actually just an enjoyable learning activity. I feel as if the child
from the different school thinks just cause it looks like a game
that it can't be a good learning activity.

Friday, 28 September 2018

Those are long eyebrows!

Kiwi Kids News

As part of our independent reading programme we use Kiwikidsnews to learn about news in New Zealand (national news) and around the world (international news).
We are learning how to:  Read closely to analyse an article and to think critically about the messages within them.

1. Find a quote from the main person in this news article?
“I live like anybody there is no reason to take special care of my eyelashes”

2. In your own words describe what happened in this news article.
An 11 year old boy was interviewed because he has 5 cm long eyebrows he
says he does not see anything special about them and has no reason to care
for them. He lives normally with his family and loves soccer.

3. Find out where this event took place and include some information about this
In Russia, which is the largest country in the world above Mongolia and to the left
of Europe.

4. Tell us when this event happened and explain what might happen in the future.
It happened on the 23/9/18 and he could potentially become a model due to his
5. Explain in your own words why this event took place.
Because a boy was born with something unique and people are interested about
how he feels about it.

Thursday, 20 September 2018

I do not believe these should be...

During the week I participated in an online
discussion based around how I felt about the view of
a group of people known as: Nature Watchers who believe that Animals that are
called ‘pests’ by the Predator Free groups should be treated with more respect.

The task we did independently after some discussion,
we concluded that other groups
such as the Department of Conservation are planning to
take actions to make NZ free from pests by 2050.

Every year 25 million birds die and I am thinking that
if we do not get rid of the pests causing this, our native birds will
be extinct. I think that there should be areas where birds could go
which could be out of reach from these pests such as
something very high up or closed off.

Rats and cats can climb up the trees and can get to the eggs so I was
thinking we could put it higher in
the air and have a large stable area where rats and cats can not reach such
as a wildlife area where humans are not able to enter, only to feed them.

There are only very few of the native birds that countries own, so it is a good
idea to get rid of
these pests which are destroying
Our food, our beauty and our native creatures.

I do not think these things should be shown respect as they like to eat other
animals babies and stoats have to eat 12.5 fantail eggs daily to live and that
is about 4000 eggs that are eaten daily and it is absolutely awful!

Stoats eat 60% of all the kiwi eggs laid and alongside others these pests
are the purpose of why some cattle are poisoned.
Farmers live on selling their meat but if it is dead what are they to do to make

Rats prey on small birds, chicks, eggs and insects in the forest.
And these are unprotected and we have no track of the amount
of birds killed in these areas.

1080 ( poison pellets) is destroying not only pests but, sheep and some
people’s dogs or cats. I do not think this is a smart idea.
Sure, it kills the pests but it puts much more at risk so either find a way
to safely drop 1080 or don’t drop it at all.

This is why I believe we should not treat these animals with respect.

Article written by: Oliver

Tuesday, 11 September 2018

Is This Story True?

Today my class went down to the hall to meet with a man sent by Duffy (which is a company that gives children all over New Zealand free books) who would be here to talk and offer us books. as we walked over the hard wooden floor all I heard was the clomping of the hard leather shoes hitting the ground with each step. We sat down and folded our legs there was no one there so me and my friend started talking after a while a Samoan man and a man that looked like he worked in business.

 As he walked towards the middle of the room the chatter started to settle and he started talking about how hyped he was to get a job here at St Patrick's when his manager called he lost the plot basically and he told us he was going to be our hero and said that he thought heroes wore their undies inside out. When he was coming here in the morning he was going to wear his undies inside out but his neighbor stopped him.

 He then began talking about when he would go to the shops with his mum she would see a friend and then she would say i'll be 5 minutes which turned into 5 hours so he went to a magical room and he saw cds everywhere. This looks cool as he said but when he opened it the disc was stolen he told the lady at the front and she said you must be confused and he replied no i'm angry. The lady said that it was not a cd but it was a book you read it so that's what he did but there was a lady who was talking very loudly when he was going over to her ready to tell her off she turned around he thought she was pretty with juju lips and long brown hair and big brown eyes. He could not say a word and she walked away he then started crying for 14 hrs 21 mins and 10 seconds.

1 year later he was in the library and he heard someone talking loudly so he went over to them but this time he was more confident and he told her to be quiet when she turned around and it was the same girl he could not tell her off but apparently she was attracted to him this time and he just said are you done with that book she started crying and left apparently she cried for 14 hrs 21 mins and 11 seconds.

Friday, 31 August 2018

Cockles Infographic!

L.I we are learning to express an opinion.

Monday, 27 August 2018


The hydrosphere atmosphere geosphere and the biosphere work together to make a ecosystem.
Image result for ecosystem
Hydrosphere water which humans use to drink goes up into the air and forms clouds.

We drink the water but the ecosystem does to, creating plants and all this forms food for humans to eat.

Geosphere Volcanoes caused by two plates in the earth colliding form rocks after several years
which humans use for house to build for shelter and comfort.

The atmosphere stops things like gases and water vapour from leaving the planet.

Ecosystem definition when living organisms work and depend on and work with each other.

Monday, 20 August 2018

Cyber smart!

We have been learning what is personal and what is private information online.

Personal Information we can share online E.g. favourite things, hobbies, favourite food, first name,  age.
Private information we do not share online e.g. home address, birth date, home phone number, full name. if we are not sure keep it private. 

Contact details.
Last name.

Term 3 New Entrance!

Hello, everyone
It is term 3 2018 and I am a year 6 student in room 8.
In 16 weeks I will be entering into Sacred Heart college as a year 7.
And I have enjoyed my 5 years here at St Patrick's school.
And I will miss all my friends and I have learned a lot.
We are making Manaiakalani films with all the other Manaiakalani schools.
I thank my teacher and the others for helping me to achieve my goals.
Thank you for visiting My blog, I hope you enjoy and learn something new every time you visit.

Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Friday, 1 June 2018

Pigs And Chickens!

L.I. Solving problems involving fractions of whole numbers.

Monday, 21 May 2018

The park!

Today I will be talking about a park at our school!

This park was made for room 2 and 1. 

The park was built around 2013 and was blessed by the father.

The park was made next to our very old oak tree.

The tree has a nice layer of bark underneath which costs thousands of dollars.

The park was made after the last one was destroyed The plack for the park is next to our front office. 

W.A.L.T Take a photo and write a description about what is in the image.

Sunday, 11 March 2018

Reviewing the structure and features of Recount Writing.

People - Oliver - Richard
Where Panmure rugby pitch

Bike Ride.

One day my cousin and I went on a bike ride down to the playground. It took a little while for me
because I didn't have any gears but my cousin did.  Once we got there I was all hot and sticky because
of having my helmet on, and the sweltering heat didn't help much either.
When we got there me and Richard looked at each other and then we gunned it down to the swings
(our favourite part of a playground).  It was so much fun I love the momentum of swings and also the
soft cool air rushing past your face.

We then made it back to our bikes and decided to go all the way around the rugby pitch but by
the time we got half way we were both panting and exhausted so we stopped at a water fountain
to get a drink and then decided to go back home.  On the way back a bird poop landed on my hand.
I was horrified and Richard and I had a good laugh before our bike ride ended.

A Wednesday to remember

A Wednesday to remember

On Wednesday I was chosen to bake some cookies, we were supposed to be last but I was leaving
earlier so we went first. So straight after morning tea we ran down to the staffroom. That's when I
remembered we had to wash our hands, so went down the hall and into the sickbay to wash our
hands. When we got back the teachers were talking in the staffroom so we talked to Ms Yumul and
she told us to sit down. After about two minutes the teachers cleared out and the rest of the students
appeared they washed their hands and found a place to sit down.

When Ms Yumul came in she asked us all if we were ready we said yes then she told us to sit on
the other side of the room. When we were all comfortable we waited, then Ms Yumul told us what
we would be doing I would be putting in the coconut so everyone did there things some of us got to
put in the rolled oats and some of us did the flour when It was my turn I caught a glimpse of the recipe.

                                                             Anzac Biscuits

You will need:
½  a cup of flour
½  a cup of sugar
¾ cup of rolled oats
¾ cup of coconut
100 grams of butter
1 tablespoon of golden syrup
½ teaspoon baking soda
2 tablespoons of boiling water

  1. Mix the flour sugar, rolled oats, and coconuts in a bowl.
  2. Melt the butter on a low heat saucepan or in a microwave.
  3. Put the baking soda in a cup and add the hot water in and it will rise up add this to the golden syrup and butter.
  4. Pour this into the bowl with the flower and the sugar and etc.
  5. Grease a baking tray and the tablespoons of the themixture about 3 - 4 centimeters apart.
  6. Bake at 180 c for 15 minutes.

We had done all of this and were now watching them inside the oven I asked when we would
eat them and she said lunchtime I was sad because I left before that. When we were back in the
classroom we got the phone call saying my mom was here so I put away all my stuff and went to the
office my mum was talking with the office lady. I went over to my dog who was outside when my mum
came back we walked home.

It's now Friday and I still have not received my cookie so I'm probably not going to get one even
though I made it which I think is a bit unfair.

My Favourite part was making the cookies and even though I didn't get one which made me sad I
still had a good time.

Friday, 16 February 2018

A bird's business landed on my hand!

People - Oliver - Richard
Where Panmure rugby pitch

One day My cousin and I went on a bike ride down to the playground. It took a little while for me because I didn't have any gears but my cousin did. Once we got there I was all hot and sticky because of having my helmet on, and the sweltering heat didn't help much either.

When we got there me and Richard looked at each other and then we gunned it down to the swings      ( our favourite part of a playground ). It was so much fun, I love the momentum of swings and also the soft cool air rushing past your face.

We then made it back to our bikes and decided to go all the way around the rugby pitch but by the time we got half way we were both panting and exhausted so we stopped at a water fountain to get a drink and then decided to go back home. On the way back a bird poop landed on my hand. I was horrified and Richard and I had a good laugh before our bike ride ended.

Walht: Use the structure of a recount to write about a personal experience

Monday, 12 February 2018

His dislike of vegetables!

12 February
Literacy Inference - reading order.

WALT use clues that writers give us in words and images to infer to increase our understanding.
The boy is unhappy because he has a sad face and I think the reason for this is his dislike of vegetables.

I had so much fun!

               I had so much fun!

Over the holidays I went to a place called splash planet in Napier it was very exciting.
When we got there we had to buy a band to get in so we all bought the band that allows you on
every ride. We found a nice shady spot underneath a tree and the second we finished my Mom
went to go get changed while my dad and I ran up the huge castle to the slides.


Ko Oliver toku ingoa 
Image result for new zealand flag

Ko Maungarei toku maunga 

Ko Tamaki toku awa 

Translated into deutsche: 

Image result for austria flagIch heisse Oliver 

Maungeri ist mein berg 

Tamaki ist mein Fluss

WALT we are learning to introduce myself in Maori and my second language.