Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Pew pew goes the fireworks

Guy Fawkes 
On Wednesday, we celebrated Guy Fawkes. After school I went home. We had Milo and biscuits. Next we got the fireworks ready. We had to leave Joey inside before we started shooting the fireworks. Joey is my dog. I liked the sparklers the best. It was fun. 

Friday, 24 June 2016

My Hero

                                 My Uncle, My hero

My uncle is my hero because he helps build my scooter. He helps build a tree house for me and my cousin. He tells me jokes that make me laugh a lot. He always keeps me company when I'm alone. . 
We go bike riding when I want  to go biking.                                                              
He lets us go to the swimming pools.                       He lets  me help  build things .                                 He lets us play when he has a light, and we have to try and catch him and he can't see us.                    He looks after me on school holidays when my mum and dad are at work.                                        He lets me and my cousin do cardboard slides on Mount Wellington. I love my uncle.