Wednesday, 29 July 2015

The Aeroplane Movie

In the holidays I went to America with my Mum and Dad.  On the plane I watched the ‘Flash’ movie.  The movie screen was on the back of the seat and I had little earphones.

The main character in the movie was ‘The Flash’.  The Flash’s real name was Barry. At the beginning of the movie Barry didn’t know that he was ‘The Flash’. 

One night Barry was woken up by a loud sound.  It was coming from downstairs.  Barry went downstairs and he noticed that the water in the fish tank was floating in the air.  It was moving slowly but there was nothing holding it up.  There were also some lightening men in the lounge.  The red one killed Barry’s mother.  The green one took Barry to safety.  The green man was actually Barry from the future, but the present day Barry didn’t know.

In the middle of the movie Barry dreamt that he had run to find his father, but his father had been taken to prison by the police.  This turned out to be real.

 At the end of the movie something at Star Labs blew up.  It was called the Particle Accelerator.  When it blew up it gave lots of people special powerful abilities.  There were only two good people who were affected by these special powers.  They were Barry and a girl.  The people that Barry had to fight were bullies from his school.  Sometimes Barry succeeded and sometimes he didn’t, so he tried again.  The movie had a good ending because Barry found out who killed his mother.  It was a man who was in disguise.  Barry succeeded in putting this man in a special prison.

By Oliver