Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Look how tall that giraffe is!

One day, my dad asked me If I wanted to go to my cousin Richard’s house, I said yes!               ( I didn’t realise that it was another one of my cousin’s birthday ). After that my dad told me to have breakfast so I had some corn flakes with milk. Soon after that I brushed my teeth quickly and put on a pair of Jandals and said good bye to my mum. Next thing I knew I was in my dad’s blue, shiny car and we took Joey my dog with us. we didn’t know how to use his seat belt so we just used his leash.

As we were backing out of our driveway all the windows were rolled down so that there was ventilation in the car. As soon as we rolled down the window Joey put his head out the window. Soon we were cruising down Panmure and my dad was listening to music. When we were going down my cousins lane there is a burned down house near Richards house. Richard is nine and I am eight. As soon as we got there, I got out of the car and my dad headed off to work, I quickly said bye dad and he drove off.

As soon as I went up the driveway they seemed to have already known I was there because the door swung open and Rose and Hattie were waving at me. When I went inside Richard was playing Ark survival evolved and I started playing. Ark survival evolved is a video game about dinosaurs and you have to tame the dinosaurs. Then my aunty Rachel told us to get in her black car. me and Richard hopped in the back and there were seven seats in that car.

I didn't realise we were going to the zoo until we got there. When we first entered the zoo staff members took a photo of us in front of a green screen. Then we were off to explore the zoo we got maps and went down a pathway. First we saw some  rat looking creatures which I didn't know what they were called. The birthday boy Harry was sitting in his pram and he was turning 3 I think. Then we had marshmallows, lollies and chips which I gave some to Harry because he couldn't reach.

Next we were walking down to the lions . We only saw two, one of them was  in a cave and the other one was in a jungle place so we kept on walking and found the meerkats area but they had been moved to another area of the zoo. Later we saw spiders, lizards, birds and all sorts of things. Eventually we had found a sitting area and had the leftovers of the food  that was leftover from our last break. When we were there, my dad came with his friend Harriet and Buggie.  When we were there  I chased Richard for a little bit and then we went to see some more animals. While we were walking, we saw my great uncle Andrew he is also really funny.

After that, we went to see the tigers, the elephants the zebras and giraffes. The giraffes were so tall. Then we finally saw the meerkats and there are holes to go in that gave us a better view. Then the tigers came right by the window so we went there. Andrew was being funny when we were there. Then we went back to the beginning and went on the playground, there were two slides they were both really long, there was also a plastic dragon to climb. Then my dad had to go to drop his friend off so he bought me a drink and then left.

Next we all had our drinks then packed up and left I had a sleepover at Richard’s house.

My favourite part was when we were next to the tigers by the window because it was really cool to be right up and close to them.

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Learning intention We are learning to use descriptive language.
success criteria: I know I can do this when I use adjectives and verbs to describe my visit to the zoo.

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