Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Thank You

L.I - W.A.L.T. write a thank you letter.
Success Criteria: I can do this when I can write a thank you letter.
                                                     26 May 2016
                                             Saint Patrick's School                                              5 Church Cresent.                                                     Panmure                                                         

Dear Gitta,
Thank you Gitta for setting up the delicious healthy lunch for us. I really liked the chicken sandwich. The oat cookie was nice with melted chocolate.  The desert was scrumptious, the yoghurt and the jam was a delicious mix.

 The savoury dumpling was yummy with carrots and meat. The lunch was delicious I couldn't wait till lunch time. My favourite was the chicken. I really liked the bread and the chicken.                         

Image result for healthy food Thank you,



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