Thursday, 20 September 2018

I do not believe these should be...

During the week I participated in an online
discussion based around how I felt about the view of
a group of people known as: Nature Watchers who believe that Animals that are
called ‘pests’ by the Predator Free groups should be treated with more respect.

The task we did independently after some discussion,
we concluded that other groups
such as the Department of Conservation are planning to
take actions to make NZ free from pests by 2050.

Every year 25 million birds die and I am thinking that
if we do not get rid of the pests causing this, our native birds will
be extinct. I think that there should be areas where birds could go
which could be out of reach from these pests such as
something very high up or closed off.

Rats and cats can climb up the trees and can get to the eggs so I was
thinking we could put it higher in
the air and have a large stable area where rats and cats can not reach such
as a wildlife area where humans are not able to enter, only to feed them.

There are only very few of the native birds that countries own, so it is a good
idea to get rid of
these pests which are destroying
Our food, our beauty and our native creatures.

I do not think these things should be shown respect as they like to eat other
animals babies and stoats have to eat 12.5 fantail eggs daily to live and that
is about 4000 eggs that are eaten daily and it is absolutely awful!

Stoats eat 60% of all the kiwi eggs laid and alongside others these pests
are the purpose of why some cattle are poisoned.
Farmers live on selling their meat but if it is dead what are they to do to make

Rats prey on small birds, chicks, eggs and insects in the forest.
And these are unprotected and we have no track of the amount
of birds killed in these areas.

1080 ( poison pellets) is destroying not only pests but, sheep and some
people’s dogs or cats. I do not think this is a smart idea.
Sure, it kills the pests but it puts much more at risk so either find a way
to safely drop 1080 or don’t drop it at all.

This is why I believe we should not treat these animals with respect.

Article written by: Oliver

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