Tuesday, 11 September 2018

Is This Story True?

Today my class went down to the hall to meet with a man sent by Duffy (which is a company that gives children all over New Zealand free books) who would be here to talk and offer us books. as we walked over the hard wooden floor all I heard was the clomping of the hard leather shoes hitting the ground with each step. We sat down and folded our legs there was no one there so me and my friend started talking after a while a Samoan man and a man that looked like he worked in business.

 As he walked towards the middle of the room the chatter started to settle and he started talking about how hyped he was to get a job here at St Patrick's when his manager called he lost the plot basically and he told us he was going to be our hero and said that he thought heroes wore their undies inside out. When he was coming here in the morning he was going to wear his undies inside out but his neighbor stopped him.

 He then began talking about when he would go to the shops with his mum she would see a friend and then she would say i'll be 5 minutes which turned into 5 hours so he went to a magical room and he saw cds everywhere. This looks cool as he said but when he opened it the disc was stolen he told the lady at the front and she said you must be confused and he replied no i'm angry. The lady said that it was not a cd but it was a book you read it so that's what he did but there was a lady who was talking very loudly when he was going over to her ready to tell her off she turned around he thought she was pretty with juju lips and long brown hair and big brown eyes. He could not say a word and she walked away he then started crying for 14 hrs 21 mins and 10 seconds.

1 year later he was in the library and he heard someone talking loudly so he went over to them but this time he was more confident and he told her to be quiet when she turned around and it was the same girl he could not tell her off but apparently she was attracted to him this time and he just said are you done with that book she started crying and left apparently she cried for 14 hrs 21 mins and 11 seconds.

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